Create a fulfilling new career.
Design a future that suits you.

Chart the course for successful change.

You want more from your professional life than just climbing the next rung on the corporate ladder. You want to do something meaningful and make a difference: something personally important that really fulfills you.

If your thoughts are constantly revolving around the fact that something has to change, you are at a turning point. You know that you can't go on as before - but you aren't sure what direction your career should go next.

Calibrate your inner compass for decisions.

In order to make the right decisions for your future, you need a very clear vision of what you want from life - both professionally and personally. This serves as your inner compass, giving you orientation as well as the confidence and enthusiasm to follow your right path.

In coaching we together broaden your view for the big picture while sharpening your focus on your values, strengths and core competencies. Based on these you discover new opportunities for a successful and fulfilling career and design a plan for moving forward.

Momentum for career development.

Especially in midlife, changing careers costs you time and energy, causing your thoughts to circle endlessly with uncertaintly, preventing you from taking action. With coaching, you stop the carousel and direct your focus towards your goals. You gain clarity about your possibilities and can take your next steps towards a fulfilling career.

You recognize your full potential and can use it to achieve your goals.

We look into your biography and reflect on your successes and challenges in different phases of your life. In this way, you define what's next and which strengths, qualifications and experiences will help you move forward.

You move past what hinders you.

Change processes can be turbulent and frightening. Your goals may seem impossible at first: I help you to overcome conventions, binding structures and obligations so that you can move towards the future with a trailblazing spirit. You learn to assess options realistically and objectively.

Navigate change.

When you discover new avenues, everything opens up: You can rekindle your enthusiasm for your current position or tackle a completely new project, reposition yourself on the job market or set the cornerstone for entrepreneurship. I provide guidance and impulses as you try out the new.

You gain clarity and new perspectives.

In coaching we develop your personal vision for your career and your life. You find out what makes you happy and draw your map for your next career step. This gives you the orientation and confidence to shape the professional future that fits you.

You are more successful in every area of life.

Your professional and personal life are two sides of the same coin. As you gain new perspectives for your future, take action and move past inner roadblocks, you will feel happier, healthier and more satisfied overall, allowing you to more fully actualize all areas of your life.
Are you ready for change? Take first step on your new path with a free consultation.

Who's Career Coaching for?

For anyone who yearns for more in their career than just "higher, faster, further".

For those tired of the treadmill.

For anyone desiring deeply fulfilling work which also provides a sustainable income.

If you sense that there's something else "out there" that you should be doing, but you don't know exactly what that is.

If off-the-shelf, ready-made solutions are not enough. Rather, you're ready to discover your unique potential and express it through meaningful work. When you are willing to look deeper and invest the time and energy to make a change.

How does coaching work?

In a first free consultation (in person, by telephone or video conference) we will discuss your professional situation, your goals and the time frame for your career change.

Based on your desired outcomes, I will suggest various coaching options.

Career coaching is offered as a package solution individually tailored to your needs. All coaching packages include 1:1 coaching, personality and professional aptitude tests, ad-hoc support between sessions, and unlimited access to an online platform with many resources for professional and personal development.

Coaching can take place in a compact format (e.g. block sessions), shorter sessions over a mutually defined period of time, or a mixture of both.

Before our first session, you'll take a few self-assessments and prepare your professional biography using a specially developed template.

Coaching sessions take place via video conference (e.g. with zoom), face-to-face in Berlin, or both.

What topics do we cover in Career Coaching?

Depending on your coaching goals, I support you as you:

  • establish your drivers for success and fulfillment in your work
  • identify new professional endeavors aligned with your core desires
  • test and evaluate new jobs and career options
  • redefine your personal brand
  • revise your cv or resume
  • apply and interview for new positions
  • prepare for self-employment or entrepreneurship
  • onboard and establish yourself in your new career.

In each phase, I provide you with imput and implementation strategies so that you can confidently navigate the change.

What is the difference between Career Coaching 
and Career Counselling?

In traditional career counselling (sometimes also called "outplacement consulting"), the focus is on helping you find a new position within your current profession or based on your vocational qualifications. A career counsellor or consultant will help you with job searches, optimize your application portfolio and prep you for job interviews.

However, if you would like to break new ground and shift directions, career counselling alone will not get you very far.

As a career coach, I support you in discovering perspectives for new professional opportunities that are different from your old job or previous qualification profile.

I accompany you on an exciting journey of self-discovery, where you uncover hidden talents and competencies, define your own life goals and set job criteria for a job that is truly in line with your values, personality and life vision. You get to know yourself better and position yourself for making an impact while creating a more fulfilling and happier future.

With my extensive experience in Human Resources Management I also provide you with lots of professional know-how on career trends, the job market, employee branding and profile optimization. My offers combine both coaching for self-discovery and best-practices for getting a new position, making me unique among coaches.

How long does a career change take?

A career shift - as opposed to changing jobs within a vocation - requires significant planning and rarely happens overnight.

With thorough preparation and expert guidance from a coach, you should expect the process to take at least six months and up to a year before you are in your new job or have successfully started your own business. It will also take some time until you are fully settled in your new career.

While this may seem like a long time, postponing the process will only stretch things out, as you continue to languish in an unhappy job. Waiting also increases the probability that you will never make the change. The results are often a permanent loss of vitality, health problems and strained relationships.

If you sense the urge to do something more satisfying professionally and personally, don't wait too long to change things. I am at your side to accompany you into a brighter future.

How much does Career Coaching cost?

Career coaching is an investment in your future.

It pays off in the form of a new career with sustainable earning opportunities and more satisfaction in life.

The basic coaching package costs 2,499 € (plus applicable VAT for EU residents) / US$ 2,749 (for non EU residents). This offer includes 10 hours of 1:1 coaching, job-related personality tests, ad-hoc support between sessions and unlimited access to my online resource platform.

With this option you'll come out with a clear new direction and a roadmap for confidently taking further steps towards your new job.

As an add-on, I can help you optize your application portfolio and with interview preparation.

I also offer comprehensive career coaching options to support you throughout the entire change process, including job search, preparation for self-employment and onboarding in your new job. These options start at 3,499 € (plus VAT for EU residents) / 3,799 US$ (for non-EU residents).

The longer you postpone your career shift, the higher the risk of loss of earnings through unemployment or disability. The personal costs for job dissatisfaction are also very high and are often compensated for by unnessary spending.

With career coaching you'll discover a new path to a fulfilling future timely and effectively, saving you money in the end.

In many jurisdictions career coaching is tax-deductible expense.

Are you ready for change? Take first step on your new path with a free consultation.
"At a crucial point in my career planning, Robert helped me make my transition from a no longer fulfilling job in a public agency to a very satisfying position in a dynamic company. Without Robert's support everything would have taken much longer, if I had even managed it at all. He's a great sparring partner, and a serious and professional coach."
Daniel N.
Human Resources Manager, Frankfurt, Germany
"Working with Robert had significant impact on my new career ambitions and the future. The benefits from Robert's work are invaluable because it enlightened me to who I am, where I want to go in my professional life and what choices will be fulfilling for me. 
I strongly recommend Robert's coaching for anyone who is ready to make career changes and needs somebody to guide them through this transition period."
Jeremy J.
Music Manager, Berlin, Germany
“I connected with Robert when I was secure in my employment as a teacher, but interested in shifting into a new career. Although I had the passion and skills to take on this new adventure, I lacked the confidence to move forward. Over the course of several online meetings, Robert was able to hone in on my inner resources and helped me change the way I perceive things. Through this I found new courage to overcome the obstacles blocking my path. Robert also helped me understand and verbalize my role in our world. His commitment to my success and his warm and caring attitude made me comfortable and able to share with him my innermost dreams and fears. I highly recommend Robert’s coaching services.“
Kimberly S.
Mental Health Advocate & Speaker, Prosser, USA
I came to Robert at a time when I was stuck in a difficult job situation, burdened with tasks I didn't like and struggling against dysfunctional structures. Working with Robert was game-changing. He helped me to envision a new and realistic future. With his support I was finally able to make the important decision to leave my old job and start my own company, which is now flourishing.
I must say that Robert was the best possible coach for me; and I'm convinced, not just for me! "
Bernd S.
Entrepreneur, Berlin, Germany
Robert gave me confidence and reassurance that my experience and skills were actually suitable for the job market, and a renewed sense of purpose, as well as a clear strategy to continue my job search. Shortly after our session, I landed what is feeling like my dream job for this point in my career. I highly recommend his approach, preparation and professional experience. Extremely grateful to Robert for his very professional help and motivation! 
Alex A.
Finance Manager in a FinTech startup, Berlin, Germany
"My time with Robert helped me to identify several areas in my work-life where I was stuck, giving me a broader perspective on my abilities and how to apply them in my career. His coaching helped me to develop new ways of thinking and gave me new ideas for the future of my professional development. I am very grateful for his support and would wholly recommend his services to anyone looking to expand their horizons."
Michael V.
Lawyer, Berlin, Germany
"Robert Knight is one of the most extraordinarily gifted coaches when it comes to helping people find their path in life as well as career.
I highly recommend anyone seeking to expand him or herself professionally to connect and work with Robert Knight immediately."
Melody T.
Life Coach, Loveland, USA
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