Unleash your potential.
Expand your impact.

Take your competence to the next level.

As a leader you carry a lot of responsibility - for yourself and others. You make important decisions that have a tangible impact on your business and the lives of the people you lead. You deliver top performance because you want to make a difference.

The demands placed on you are immense. You are measured by the goals you achieve, and you face a wide range of expectations from stakeholders. Your playing field is constantly changing: you must act quickly, make the right decisions and manage complexity in the midst of uncertainty, while keeping a level head.

Empower yourself, inspire others. 

A leader who has a vision,  a sense of personal calling to create something of value, possesses personal excellence, authenticity, integrity and a desire to serve is a natural beacon to others.

This inspires others to be their best and to perform highly.

In Leadership Development Coaching I enable you to discover and create new paradigms for performance and excellence for yourself, your team, your company, and our world. You learn to unfold your capacity for visionary and authentic leadership, making you and your team more productive, flexible and effective. You'll discover and more fully embrace your inner resources and translate these into leadership and personal skills which foster trust, excellence, high performance, purpose and meaning.

Know your strengths and use them effectively.

We define your leadership vision, mission and scope of influence. After taking a thorough inventory of your leadership competencies, we create a strategy for unfolding your potential for more impact and effectiveness aligned with your aspirations and the goals of your company.

Take focused action.

I support you in taking different perspectives while keeping the bigger picture in mind. You are able to better adapt your actions and strategies to changing conditions in real time. You invest focused effort in things that truly matter to you and the business.

Make confident decisions.

As you reflect on yourself and your environment, you become more aware of the opportunities and consequences of your actions and choices. This provides you with the confidence necessary to make the right decisions and act strategically, even in the face of complexity and ambiguity.

Cultivate balance for sustained performance.

You can only be successful in the long term if you have a healthy balance between your personal and professional life. The whole-person coaching approach helps you to grow on all levels, enabling you to find the right work-life balance and attain higher overall life satisfaction.

A committed team and enthusiastic stakeholders for achieving the optimum.

Aligned with your inner principles and values, you mature into an authentic leader. You develop the ability to inspire others as a role model and guide. This creates trust, commitment and satisfaction among your employees and stakeholders.

Make a difference, create a legacy.

You discover your own vision for your work, your life and the world around you. Translating these into action, you become a natural beacon and make a positive and lasting contribution to your company and the lives of others. This provides you with a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment.
Do you want to become a more effective and authentic leader? Find out how I can support you in this endeavor in a first no-obligation consultation.

What is the ROI for Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is an investment in the present and future of a company.

I work with leaders, managers and their teams at all levels of organizations. We partner together to sharpen leadership capabilities for impacting people and the bottom line of the company.

The results of leadership coaching are quantitatively measurable: According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), the ROI for executive coaching averages 700%. (ICF study on ROI for executive coaching.

Benefits of leadership coaching include:

  • higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction
  • lower fluctuation
  • improved productivity
  • better decision making processes
  • fewer opportunity losses
  • more agility and resilience in the organization
  • higher talent recognition and retention
  • improved stakeholder loyalty

My coaching approach is systemic-integral, utilizing the latest in scientifically-based methodologies and tools.

What is the process?

In a first no-obligation consultation (in person, by telephone or video conference) we discuss your work and objectives, your motivation for coaching and desired outcomes.

Based on this information I create an individual, comprehensive offer describing the number and formats of sessions, the tools and assessments we will use, and the time scope for working together.

We often include a leadership assessment at the beginning of the coaching process to take inventory of your current leadership strengths and to identify the most important development issues. The assessment is repeated at the end of our work together to measure progress and success.

Coaching usually takes place every two weeks in person or via video conference. In our sessions we discuss your development topics and set goals and action items for progress between sessions. We also invest time creating your leadership vision and mission and developing your clear leadership profile.

I am available between sessions for feedback and support, if desired.

Leadership Coaching is a co-active, dynamic development process that takes place over a period of a minimum of six months to a year.

Who is Leadership Coaching for?

Leadership Coaching is an important resource for anyone wishing to take their abilities to the next level.

I provide coaching support to experienced managers and executives as well as to emerging leaders and first-time team leads.

Start-up founders and entrepreneurs are also leaders: To be successful, they must develop and utilize very similar competencies as leaders in traditional companies.

The coachee's own motivation for progress and success is an essential ingredient in coaching. Leadership coaching is a co-active, dynamic process that relies on the self-responsibility of the coachee to take accountable action towards their goals. The coachee must also be willing to reflect on his or her own patterns of action and thinking, and to try new things out that will take him or her out of the comfort zone.

Leadership coaching is not a suitable means for getting low performers or employees with motivation challenges back on track. For anyone who's "lost their mojo" as a leader, I recommend career coaching.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

Coaching is a co-active learning and development process. Under supervision and guidance, you find your own approaches to resolving challenges. Coaching is based on the assumption that the seed of all emerging solutions already lies within the coachee and the system in which he or she operates.

As a coach, my role is that of a sparring partner at eye level who guides you through the field of development. Although I do provide expert insite when appropriate, my main task is to hold the space in which a development process takes place. It is never my task as a coach to solve the problems of the client or a company.

In consulting, on the other hand, professional solutions are developed by a subject-matter expert designed to solve a specific problem or question of the client or company. Consulting is useful when internal resources do not exist to meet a specific business challenge and must therefore be brought in from outside the organization.

Do you work with teams?

Yes. Team development and team coaching are tandem partners to executive coaching. Every development a leader goes through changes the team and the wider system - and vice versa. Teams have their own, very complex dynamics, and complementing an individual coaching process with team coaching exponentially increases the impact and effectiveness of both.

I use cutting-edge diagnostic tools to assess team strengths, facilitate better communication and measure development progress.  

Do you want to become a more effective and authentic leader? Find out how I can support you in this endeavor in a first no-obligation consultation.
"I had been appointed to a senior role in a large global biopharmaceutical organization, and hit the ground running. Robert was instrumental in providing me with a sounding board for making strategic decisions. He helped me to build my leadership skills, to formulate my leadership vision, and to tap into my talents for inspiring and motivating my team for sustainable results. He helped me to navigate the challenges which the organization and my team face, and he has fostered my ability to fully embody my role as a leader, ensuring success. I strongly recommend Robert as an Executive Coach." 
Dr. Michael M.
Therapeutic Area Director
Pfizer Inc.
"I was referred to Robert as part of my development as a Senior Manager at a large global corporation. During the tenure of our working relationship, I was promoted to Director, and then moved on to a Vice President role. Together, Robert and I really invested in my development path and worked through the obstacles to my personal success (some I didn't even know I had). It is more than just the efficacy of Robert's services. He is a true professional with profound, data based knowledge in his field. As an added bonus he is so kind and fun to work with. I highly recommend working with Robert."
Rhiannon Naslund
Vice President Marketing 
Kalderos Inc.
"Working with Robert has been one of the professional highlights of my year. He has consistently sought to understand my professional goals and tailored his material to best support my needs. In some cases, I've approached him with specific problems and he has offered useful tools to me and my team to immediately address them. Other times, he has brought his own material to our meetings and helped me to grow in directions that I hadn't previously even considered. This has been one of the great benefits of working with an experienced coach like Robert -- while other professional development opportunities are limited to my own imagination in terms of books or workshops I select, Robert has helped me to take bigger strides in my development as a leader than I would have been able to alone.“
Leah Edgerton
Executive Director
Animal Charity Evaluators
Berlin and Berkeley, CA.
"Working with Mr. Knight helped me to use my leadership skills even more effectively and in a more targeted manner. This has significantly strengthened the cooperation with my employees. In the course of the coaching, I was also able to develop even more positive relationships with other stakeholders, especially with the Executive Board. Overall, the coaching with Mr. Knight helped me to achieve greater leadership strength and confidence in dealing with my tasks and challenges.
I gladly recommend Mr. Knight as a mature, experienced executive coach." 
Dirk S.
Regional Sales Director
International consumer goods producer
"Robert coached me in 2018 to help me find a new course for my career, and in 2019 I worked with him to get support in my leadership development areas. Robert guided me to use my inner strengths in order to find the answers to the questions I had. He supported me in empowering my focus in the areas of development. The impact of our work together was visible not only in the work environment but also in my personal life.“
Davide F.
Creative Marketing Team Lead 
"I engaged Mr. Knight as a professional business and leadership coach during my company foundation phase. He has been very successful in helping me to build an effective team with the most appropriate structures, and to raise and strengthen the potential of all team members with all their competencies.
I can unreservedly recommend Robert Knight, especially when it comes to questions of leadership development."
Bernd S. 
Entrepreneur, Berlin
"Robert Knight conducted Executive/Leadership Coaching with our managers in Germany and the Netherlands with very successful results. Mr. Knight is an absolute professional who brings real added value."
Sandra Finkel 
European HR Manager
Vermilion Energy
"Robert is an empathetic and highly intelligent individual who really takes the time to listen to and understand his clients’ needs and has a genuine passion for helping people find solutions to their challenges. He is a highly insightful and patient person with a lot of wisdom to share. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a coach."
Femke C.
AFP Agence France-Presse
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