The Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360)

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The Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360) is a 360 degree leadership assessment rooted in groundbreaking research conducted by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, a world-renowned leadership thinker, best-selling business author, and Executive Coach. 

The GLA360 was developed in collaboration with the CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, global thought leaders, and international business executives from 6 continents.

The assessment articulates and measures 15 of the most important competencies needed by today’s global leaders in order to succeed in a competitive business environment.

Organizations use the GLA360 for leadership development, succession planning, and talent management to assure that leaders succeed in international, cross-functional roles.

The GLA360 is typically used for mid and senior level leaders who manage across a diversity of functions and cultures while interacting with stakeholders in their areas of functional responsibility (i.e. supply chain, finance, human resources, etc.). They often lead national and international functional or project teams, and have the potential and ambition to measurably grow their global leadership skills.

The leader will receive a 50+ page report with easy report analysis using a high level radar graph and complete data drill down and an authentic leadership model personalized for each leader.

The assessment is debriefed with a professional coach who helps the leader interpret their results and identify areas and strategies for impactful growth.

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