Hello! I’m Robert Knight, Career Transition Coach.

I help people who are unhappy in their jobs discover new careers that fulfill them.

Maybe you’ve been working in your industry for awhile and realize that it just isn’t a fit anymore.

Perhaps you’ve tried out different careers, but you’ve never found the thing that really suits you.

Or you feel stuck in a job that pays the bills but is otherwise devoid of meaning.

Maybe you’ve never really liked your job and you’ve reached the point where you can’t keep going on.

Robert Knight Career Transition Coach

If you’re here, you’re probably ready for a career change.

You sense that there’s something else out there which you are meant to do, but you don’t know what “it” is.

You’re struggling to see your alternatives and to figure out how to proceed down a new path.

I understand how overwhelming that can be.

That’s why I’m here.

I help you gain clarity, discover options and start moving forward with confidence on the path towards a new career you love.

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What my clients say

Working with Robert had significant impact on my new career ambitions and the future. Robert’s coaching was invaluable because it enlightened me to who I am, where I want to go in my professional life and what choices will be fulfilling for me.

I strongly recommend Robert’s coaching for anyone who is ready to make career changes and needs somebody to guide them through this transition period.

Jeremy J., Music Manager
I first worked with Robert at a time when I was stuck in an unhappy career, fighting against tasks I didn’t enjoy and struggling with structures that left me feeling blocked. Robert and I had some game-changing discussions about my main questions in life as a part of his highly professional and very fruitful coaching. During the process, I came to deeply understand the motivating forces in my life and began imagining a satisfying future, which became more and more visible, manageable and realistic for me as time progressed. I was able to leave my old job, and today I’m doing something I really love in my own business.
Bernd S., Entrepreneur
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