Get Clear. Get Confident. Get Moving.

You’re passionate about life and you want to be happy in your work.
 You want to find a new career where you can finally put a stake in the ground and say
 “This is who I am and this what I do!

But, you’re not sure what “this” is.

Searching for new ideas, perhaps you’ve:

- Scoured the job boards for endless hours, but nothing really excites you.

- Watched countless inspirational YouTube videos about “following your passion”, but it’s still a mystery to you about how to turn that into paid work.

- Read career guides that leave you struggling to do all the exercises on your own, and you’re still at a loss about what you really want to do. 

Maybe you’re unsure about the few ideas you do have because you’re afraid of failing in a new job or that you’ll end up just as unhappy after your next career move as you are now. 

You wonder whether you have the right experience or qualifications to enter a new field, and worry you’ll have to start your career all over again from square one.

You’re concerned that once you’ve found your dream job it won’t pay well enough and you’ll struggle financially.

Trying to figure everything out on your own causes your head to spin. You go round and round in circles, unable to gain clarity while getting more and more frustrated.

This frustration takes a bite out of your self-confidence, holding you back from making important decisions and taking the necessary next steps.

This can feel overwhelming and even paralyzing.

What you desire now is for some clarity. You want to see some realistic options and start moving forward soon. 

You would like to work with an expert career coach, but you don't have a huge budget.

Get Clear. Get Confident. Get Moving.

This self-paced online coaching program is designed to help you start moving towards a new career in a short time without spending many thousands of dollars on exclusive one-on-one coaching.

You’ll discover what you want and need for career fulfillment and define specific job criteria based on this.

In a creative process you’ll then identify new ideas for your next job and design a plan to explore your new career options.

You’ll develop a roadmap for sourcing concrete new opportunities and for transitioning into your new career.

Here’s what’s included:

- 10 one-on-one coaching calls (60 min.) via Zoom.

-  Online self-paced coaching modules with short video lessons and worksheets to help prepare you for our personal coaching calls.

- Help with crafting your CV/Resume

- Access to the Core Values Index (CVI) self-assessment (full version) to help you align your career to your core motivators.

- Unlimited access to the learning platform – during and after the program –  which includes all the course materials, so you can access everything as you need it, even later on. 

- E-mail support throughout the program.

- Bonus resources to help you in the next stages of career transition.

This is what you'll cover:

Finding Your North Star. This is about understanding and embracing your intrinisic motivators, values, talents and skills, personal vision and your contribution.

When you know who you are and what you want, you can consciously choose career opportunities that really fit. This is is foundation of job satisfaction.

Discovering new career options. I’ll guide you through a creative process of discovering new work options that are aligned with your North Star. Knowing that there are real options for your future will excite you and motivate you. You’ll be able to chart a path forward. 

Creating a Roadmap. I’ll help you build a plan to validate your new careers ideas and decide on your new direction. You’ll have a roadmap for planning your new career entry, sourcing specific job opportunities and actually making the change. Knowing what’s ahead and what to do will enable you to get where you want to be.

This coaching program will:

Help you see career options that utilize your talents, strengths, experience and qualifications, allowing you to establish yourself quickly in your new profession.

Provide you momentum because you clearly see a path ahead.

Bolster your confidence in your ability to create a professional future that will make you happy, successful and provide you with a sustainable income.

Your costs:
2,749 USD 
2,497 USD
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What clients say:

“When I signed up for the program I was trying to decide among several potential career options and found myself struggling to make decisions. The program helped me look inside and reconnect with my values and deeper aspirations. I was able to gain the clarity and confidence I needed to decide and commit. Now I’ve been in my new job for a few months and am really happy where I am and confident that this is the rewarding career path I’ve always wanted.”

Anna S.
 Former Marketing Managaer, now Artisan Cabinet Maker, Berlin
“Robert gave me confidence and reassurance that my experience and skills were actually suitable for the job market, and a renewed sense of purpose, as well as a clear strategy for my career change. Shortly after working together, I landed what is feeling like my dream job for this point in my career. I highly recommend his approach, preparation and professional experience. Extremely grateful to Robert for his very professional help and motivation!”

Alex A.
Fintech Advisor, Berlin
"I worked through Robert Knight’s program entirely and I am impressed by the system and the profound knowledge it provides, while being simultaneously of simple practicability. After going through the program, my only regret was that I didn’t have these tools, techniques, tips, and tricks available much earlier in life. This would have made my search for a satisfying career significantly easier and more promising.“
Georg F.
Legal Advisor in Public Administration
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